From 1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2016 I am on sabbatical. But you can find out what I am up to at: The S-Blog.

I am a physical geographer with interests in terrestrial cryospheric processes (where water is frozen). As a snow scientist, my research aims to estimate and map snow accumulation on the Earth using satellite remote sensing systems. This effort requires field work, numerical models of snow, spatial models of snow and an understanding of landscapes both during the winter season and afterwards, when the snow has gone.

My research relates to substantial questions concerning how the cryosphere is responding to global environmental change. In many places, seasonal snowmelt makes a significant contribution to the annual water budget. Quantifying regional snow water storage is crucial for effective water resource management. With global environmental change, we are starting to observe changes to seasonal snow dynamics that will affect people in many parts of the world. Fundamental accurate observations and measurements of the cryosphere, therefore, are critical to help better understand changes to the cryosphere and more efficiently manage snow water resources.

My research group helps me achieve these aims and together we are engaged in several research themes. If you are interested in snow and ice science, technology and how it affects global environmental change please explore my research pages and our publications pages. If you are interested in what I teach, you can also find links to this information as well.