Research Group Members

Richard Kelly

Current and New

  • Nastaran Saberi (Ph.D.) Thesis topic: Passive microwave remote sensing of snow using GCOM-W1 AMSR2.
  • Qinghuan Li (Ph.D.) Thesis topic: Passive microwave remote sensing of vegetation.
  • Aaron Thompson (Ph.D.) Thesis topic: Radar remote sensing signatures of snow-civered landscapes.
  • Vicky Vanthof (M.Sc.) Thesis topic: Using satellite synthetic aperture radar remote sensing to monitor rainfall harvesting systems in India.
  • Paul Donchenko (M.Sc.) Thesis topic: remote sensing of snow on sea ice.
  • Hongjing Chen (M.Sc.) Thesis topic: Using satellite synthetic aperture radar for wet snow mapping.
  • Kasurak, Andrew (Ph.D.) Thesis topic: Active & passive microwave remote sensing of seasonal terrestrial snow.
  • John Coughlin (M.Sc.) Thesis topic: Radar remote sensing of snow in forest canopies.
  • Michael Allchin (at UNBC, S. Dery supervisor) (Ph.D.) Thesis topic: Exploring Spatio-Temporal Relationships Between Snow-Cover and Landscape Albedo through the Ablation Season in the Cariboo Mountains.
  • Jason Goetz (at University of Jena, Germany, Supervisor A. Brenning) (Ph.D.) UAV observations of snow in European alpine areas.


  • Jeff Chan (M.Sc.) Thesis title: Monitoring Ice-dammed Glacier Lake Outburst Floods in the Karakoram Using Visible-Infrared Satellite Remote Sensing Observations.
    Current position: consultant.
  • Aaron Thompson (M.Sc.) Thesis title: Observations of Moderate to Deep Seasonal Snow in Agricultural Fields with a Radar Scatterometer at Ku- and X-band Frequencies
    Current position: PhD Student, University of Waterloo.
  • Jessie Tan (M.Sc.) Thesis title: Monitoring Soil Moisture and Freeze/Thaw State Using C-band Imaging Radar.
    Current position:
  • Qinghuan Li (M.Sc.) Thesis title: Exploring the use of MODIS forest transmissivity for correcting passive microwave observation of snow-covered terrain/landscape
  • Mike Brady (M.Sc.) Thesis title: Changes in Sea Ice Motion and Exchange in the Beaufort Sea: 1997-2012. (Co-supervised with C. Derksen, Environment Canada).
    Current position: Research Assistant, Environment Canada.
  • Xiao Xu (PhD) Thesis title: Exploring the Use of Remote Sensing CO2 Data to Measure the CO2 Concentration Enhancements Caused by Coal-fired Power Plants. (Co-supervised with P. Parker)
    Current position: consultant.
  • King, Josh (Ph.D.) Thesis title: “Remote sensing of tundra snow with Ku- and X-band radar”
    Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Environment Canada.
  • Luus, Niina (Ph.D.). Thesis title: “Improving estimates of net ecosystem CO2 exchange between the Arctic land surface and the atmosphere”
    Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Germany.
  • Ryan Ahola (M.Sc.) Thesis title: “Parameterization & Implementation of a Soil Radar Backscatter Model with Applicability to Radar Observations of a sub-Arctic Environment”.
    Current position: Radar specialist, Macdonald Dettweiller Associates, Ottawa.
  • Mascioli, Antony (MES). Geomatics.
    Current position: Consultant, Blue Heron Environmental
  • Neilly, Michael (M.Sc.). Thesis title: “Multiscale modelling of snow depth over an agricultural field in a small catchment in southern Ontario, Canada”.
    Current position: Vice President, Caledon Hills Cycling and Nordic Centre
  • Oldham, Jason (M.Sc.). Thesis title: “Mapping snow pack depth in the town of Uxbridge, Ontario, using and airborne laser scanner”.
    Current position: System Product Manager, Optech Inc.
  • Casey, Alec (M.Sc.). Thesis title: “Dual-polarization (HH/HV) RADARSAT-2 ScanSAR observations of new, young and first-year sea ice”.
    Current position: Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta.
  • Bao, Zhenhao (Postdoctoral Fellow). Snow cover extent and snow mass climatologies in Canada.
    Current position: Research Associate, University of Regina
  • Luus, Niina (MES). Modelling NPP in arctic terrain using remote sensing data.
  • Kasurak, Andrew (MES). Geostatistical modelling of snow in the Yukon.
  • Taruvinga, Kanya (MES 2009). Remote sensing of gulley erosion in the Blood River catchment, South Africa.
    Current position:
  • Waite, Holly (MES 2009). Thesis title: “Remote sensing of land cover change in the Niagara Escarpment”.
    Current position: Source Water Protection Planner, County of Oxford.